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Roadside Alice traces it’s roots back to the early 2000’s when Bill Ewing, Chris Allen, Matt Welch, Greg Cook and Eric Kimbrell formed the band Double Clutch. Around 2006 Double Clutch disbanded  and everyone went their musical ways until 2017 when Bill, Chris, Greg and Eric came together again to go over old songs just for fun. This lead to the formation of Roadside Alice.  Adding Donnie Deaton to the fold as 2nd guitarist, they played all over Western NC for the next several years. The current lineup consists of Chris Allen on lead vocals, Eric Kimbrell on drums and backing vocals, Taylor Allen on guitar and Greg Cook on bass and backing vocals.  

We are:

Eric Kimbrell, Drums and backing vocals

Taylor Allen, Guitar 

Greg Cook, Bass and backing vocals

Chris Allen, Lead vocals

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